Top Home Automation Ideas

An automated house is impressive, super comfortable and aesthetically clean at the same time. Automated homes are no longer something only wealthiest technology geeks can have. Ever since technology stated thriving, this concept became more conventional. It is super easy to get all the systems in your home automated for the sake of your comfort, luxury, and safety. It is not as costly as it is believed to be either. If you are planning on building your new house and want to install energy efficient ducted air conditioners, get most of the systems automated for an ideal dream house. 

From door locks to smoke detectors, from fancy doorbells to the automatic lighting systems, from heating and the cooling temperature of the house to the water systems, everything can be automatic and great. Do not forget the most important feature home automation can provide you. The security systems can be upgraded to the point of hundred percent safety assured so before you make up your mind about automating your house, here are some of the best useful smart automated systems you must have. 

  1. Smart Cameras & Locks

This is the best feature you can get around in your house. It ensures safety at all costs. Cameras around the house can not only capture pictures if someone tries to break in but you can also keep an eye around the house in case you are traveling. If you forgot locking the doors while you were rushing on your way to work, you can take care of that on your phone through the smart lock access as well. 

  1. Smart Smoke Detector

Avoid fire hazards by the smart smoke detectors. Whether you are in the house or somewhere far out, smoke detectors around can sense the danger and immediately notify you on your phone and you can easily hit the sprinklers that will get rid of the smoke around and avoid the fire from breaking out.  

  1. Smart Kitchen

The concept of the smart kitchen was to save time and be quick to get the chores done. This feature has become a life-saver for working women who also tend to look around the house. It is pretty easy to pre-heat the oven if you plan on baking a cake as soon as you get home or finding out what ingredients are in the fridge and what you will need to pick up on your way back. 

  1. Video Doorbell

Have no stress and anxiety wondering who is at the door. Video doorbells allow you to guess beforehand who is at the door to visit you. If you want to avoid any strange people, you can see when they are at your door as there is a camera attached to your doorbell which will not only capture pictures if you are suspicious but it will also record the video of all the activity that is happening outside.  

  1. Smart Lighting Systems

Do not waste any more time switching all the buttons on the switchboard to get the right light. Automated lighting systems are super mainstream now which means that switchboards are out of order. Smart lighting systems have sensors that detect your presence once you enter the house and they automatically light up the room you are in.  

  1. Smart Security Systems 

Avoid all thieves, robbers, and burglars by installing a smart security system in the house. The alarms will go off if someone tries to break in along with immediately notifying you on your phone or tablet for any or all unwanted activity going on. Not only this system will ensure your safety but also keep your valuables in the house safe from getting stolen.  

Look up to these incredibly safe and comfortable home automation ideas to have an assured and easy life.  

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