Price of a ducted air conditioning installation

When talking about ducted air conditioners, we are talking about one of the systems most used today in new construction homes. This does not mean that they cannot be installed in older homes, but surely you need a pre-installation. This system has many advantages, but it is necessary before deciding on this type of ducted cooling system, to know a little about it, the price of the equipment and installation, advantages and other interesting aspects that should be taken into account. In the following article, we give you detailed information about it.

Advantages of ducted air conditioning

Did you know that it is an air conditioning system designed mainly for new constructions, although in old houses there is also the possibility of carrying out the works (installation of false ceiling, ducts, grilles, etc.)?

Within the residential refrigeration sector, the variety is great and we can find systems that in terms of quality-price can be optimal for our home. In addition, this type of system, compared to other air conditioning equipment: Split or Multi-split system, has great advantages. Of all of them, three stand out that make the difference:

  • The energy-saving is quite a lot, not only in the short term but also in the long term and this will be reflected in our bills. The initial investment is a higher cost than the others, however it consumes much less energy than any of the other air conditioning systems.
  • It is an air system designed for many years and increases the value of a house or establishment due to the works previously carried out in the same pre-installation.
  • It gives more value to the home since it is not aesthetically visible and no “equipment” unit will be seen anywhere.

    Ducted air conditioning system installation: cost and duration

    When we have already decided on a new ducted air conditioning Melbourne, one of the most important points that we must take into account is the installation. We are not only talking about putting the equipment into operation but about its correct installation. Its installation is relatively complex, especially if it is about already built houses. In addition, the price of the installation will vary greatly depending on the location in which we are located and also on the size of the home, if it is old or newly built and if it already has pre-installation.

    Installation is not included in the price of ducted air conditioning. And also, on some occasions, it is necessary to do pre-installation. For this, you must bear in mind that its price is usually around $6,000 to $10,000. But as we have already commented previously, it will depend on the locality and the amount of labour.

    Keys to consider before purchase or installation

1. The number of hours it takes to install this system depends on the pre-installation. If there is already a pre-installation of this system, it can be put into operation after 5 to 7 hours.

2. Before installing the system, we must take into account the maintenance indicated for the pre- installation, by which we mean that we will need to check the ducts and do the necessary cleaning.

3. It is preferable that the installation of this type of system be carried out in newly built homes.

4. In older homes, the installation of the system is not a problem, but we must not forget that we will have to carry out the pertinent works.

5. The installation of the system must be in houses, rooms or establishments with high ceilings since the installation of the false ceiling is necessary.

6. This type of installation is more expensive, however, in the long run, it can be cheaper since the energy savings will be greater.

7. The false ceiling and the gratings must be of a good quality since in this way we will avoid having to do more maintenance.

8. The installation must be carried out by a person with a lot of experience or, simply, by a person specialised in the installation of ducted air conditioning.

We always advise that the installation be carried out by a technician in the assembly of ducted air conditioners and that a previous estimate be requested before carrying out the same. In this way, we will be able to know with more certainty the amount that we will have to have to install one of the best air conditioning systems.

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