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Tyco... a vital part of your world

Get to Know Tyco Flow Control Pacific (TFCP)

TFCP is a major provider of products and services to most of the regions water, industrial process and infrastructure projects. TFCP incorporates the following areas:
  • Industrial
  • Irrigation (Water Dynamics)
  • Tyco Pumping Systems
  • Tyco Environmental Systems (TES)
  • Tyco Water
Other Directly Related Tyco Pacific operations to TFCP include:
  • Tyco Fire and Building products
  • Tyco Thermal Controls

Get to Know Tyco Environmental Systems

TES is a manufacturer and Global Supplier of a suite of products and services totally focused on the provision of pollution solutions to industry and, as importantly the environment.

Whether air, gas or water TES has the solutions and the ability to monitor, record, display, decipher and deliver data meaningfully and in the manner most appropriate to the client.

TES offers systems and Products under the following Brands:

  • Goyen
  • Mecair
  • Greenspan Analytical
  • Greenspan Technical Services
  • Combined Instrument Systems

Get to Know Tyco Industrial

Tyco Industrial incorporates a number of companies including:
  • Valves & Controls
  • Flexible Piping Systems
  • Backflow
  • Tamar Designs
  • Tyco Flow Maintenance
  • Motion & Control

Products include:

  • Isolation Valves
  • Control Valves and Actuators
  • Bus Communication Systems
  • Metal, Composite and Rubber Hose
  • Couplings and Clamps
  • Service, Maintenance and Product Enhancement
  • Hydro Turbines

Get to Know Water Dynamics

Water Dynamics has irrigation stores and warehouses strategically located throughout Australia to support all irrigation requirements, from the farm, to Parks and landscape to domestic applications. At each well stocked store we are specialists who can advise and work with you to give the optimum solution in:
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Pumps
  • Pivots / Broadacre
  • Stock Water
  • Agriculture
  • Micro Irrigation
  • Domestic Irrigation
  • Design Systems
  • Controls
  • Installation, service and repairs

1300 WATER 1           'When every drop counts'

Get to Know Tyco Pumping Systems

Tyco Pumping Systems: incorporates well known Australian brands, such as:

  • Southern Cross
  • Turbomaster Pumps
  • Encon Modular Tanks
  • Everflow Pumps
  • Aust. Panel Tanks
Products & Services Include
  • Centrifugal, Turbine, Submersible, Helical Rotor Pumps
  • Pressure Units, Windmills
  • Liquid Storage Tanks for various industry applications
  • Pump, Valve and Actuator Repair

Get to Know Tyco Water

Tyco Water, a wholly owned business unit of Tyco International Limited, is committed to supplying and maintaining Australasia’s water, wastewater, treatment and distribution systems.

Recognized as the premium manufacturer and supplier of pipeline systems to the water and wastewater industry, Tyco Water has established itself through total commitment and service to its customers.

Through an integrated network of Marketing Offices, Customer Centres and extensive Australian manufacturing facilities, Tyco Water can offer complete pipeline solutions. Whether the requirements are for ductile iron, steel or plastic pipeline systems, Tyco Water meets customers’ needs with superior products and expert advice backed up by a dedicated Pipelines Research Centre.

Get to Know Tyco Thermal Controls

Tyco Thermal Controls brings together the knowledge, expertise, products and services of leading brands such as Raychem, Isopad, Pyrotenax, Digitrace, TraceTek and Tracer.

From heat tracing and floor heating to safety security wiring, temperature measurement and leak detection, Tyco Thermal Controls offers you an innovative range of products and services for industrial, commercial and residential construction applications.

Tyco Thermal Controls employs over 2500 people around the world and has operations in 48 countries. We can support your project efforts anywhere in the world.

Get to Know Tyco Fire & Building Products

Tyco Fire and Building Products is a leading manufacturer of water-based fire suppression system components and ancillary building construction products. Incorporating a number of well known brands and companies within the building industry which include:

  • Ancon Building Products
  • Tyco Fixed Fire
  • Lindapter Structural Steel Clamping Systems
  • Unistrut Cable Supports, Mechanical and Framing Systems
Tyco Environmental Systems [AU]
Broad range of high quality valves, controls, meters, monitoring products & solutions.
Industrial [AU]
The region's largest integrated flow control company, including valves & controls, flexible piping, Tamar Designs & Flow Maintenance.
Water Dynamics [AU]
Design, supply & install irrigation systems for all agriculture, horticulture & general irrigation systems on a national basis.
Tyco Pumping Systems [AU]
Southern Cross, Everflow Pumps, Encon Modular Tanks, Turbomaster Pumps, Meyers Engineering Services & Australian Panel Tanks.
Tyco Water [AU]
Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of pipeline systems and associated products and services.

Tyco Thermal Controls [AU]
Incorporates leading brands such as Raychem, Isopad, Pyrotenax, Digitrace, TraceTek and Tracer.

TYCO International

For further information on Tyco International, please visit the main Tyco web site www.tyco.com

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