What is the most cost-effective heating for an Australian home?

The choice of a heating system is very important, especially when you consider that heating represents about 60% of the energy bill. So, how do you choose economical heating? Here is an overview of the most efficient systems and less expensive to use.

It all depends on the quality of the insulation

It makes sense: it’s harder to heat a building where most of the heat is lost through the roof or walls. Therefore, your choice depends above all on the insulation. The better insulated your home, the more interesting options you have when it comes to economical heating.

Light renovation: high-efficiency heating

Is your boiler starting to show its age? If its performance drops below 90%, it’s time to replace it. A modern high-efficiency system can reduce your consumption by 30%. But what to choose?

If you do not want to improve the insulation: the best solution is to install a condensing boiler. Even without low-temperature devices, you will be able to save money.

If, on the other hand, you improve the insulation, more options are available to you:

The condensing boiler remains the best option if you plan to use gas or oil. The hybrid heat pump is an alternative that combines a heat pump and a gas boiler. In any case, the ideal is to install heaters at low temperature.

Condensing boiler

The most efficient gas and oil systems today are condensing boilers. These recover the heat of the condensation which forms in the device, which allows obtaining a very high efficiency.

If possible, it is in your best interest to opt for gas: it costs less and you can benefit from premiums. Heating with oil requires a tank to store it.

Hybrid heat pump

It is a combination of an air-water heat pump and a gas condensing boiler. The device automatically uses the most efficient energy source. It is therefore the heat pump that operates most of the time. The gas boiler takes over when the air is too cold, to ensure constant efficiency. It is an interesting solution for renovations that are not sufficiently insulated for an ordinary heat pump.

Low-temperature heating

This is not a type of boiler, but rather heating devices, such as radiators or underfloor heating. The old boilers produced water at 70 or even 90 ° C, which caused significant heat losses. Today, low-temperature systems heat water to around 45 ° C, which is much more economical. And thanks to the good insulation of the house, the room temperature is always so comfortable.

New construction or a complete renovation

If your home is very well insulated, you can opt for systems using renewable energies. Not only are these systems better for the environment, but the energy they use is also inexpensive or even free. The heat pump draws free heat from the air, soil or groundwater.

The biomass boiler or pellet stove uses organic fuels, generally wood and its by-products (pellets, chips, etc.) Finally, solar heating systems capture energy from the sun to provide additional heating or domestic hot water. Would you like to know the best heating solution for your home? Ask specialized contractors for advice via the quotation page, free of charge and without obligation.

Heat Pump

There are 4 types of heat pumps: air-to-air, air-to-water, soil-to-water, and water-to-water. Each has its own characteristics, but a heat pump is always a very economical solution for a suitable dwelling. Its purchase price is rather high, but it is an investment that can pay for itself in a few years. As the heat pump consumes electricity, the ideal is to couple it to photovoltaic panels to achieve maximum savings.

Pellet Boiler

Wood and its by-products, such as pellets and woodchips, are among the cheapest fuels on the market. Wood-fired boilers range from a simple pellet stove, rather used as a backup, to the largest biomass boiler. Again, the purchase price is high, but the cost of annual consumption is very low. For very well insulated houses, a pellet stove may even suffice during the winter months.

Solar Heating

Solar thermal collectors, installed on the roof of the house or in the garden, heat the water for heating. They can act as a backup heater and provide 30 to 60% of the heating needs. The solar water heater works on the same principle and provides domestic hot water. It is a very efficient and economical system.

Request quotes: Heating installation

Choosing to equip your home with an economical heating method means offering yourself a better quality of life, responding to a more ecological and responsible mode of consumption and making a gesture in favour of the preservation of the environment. The RMS Heating and Cooling support you in the accomplishment of your project, personal and adapted.

Price of a ducted air conditioning installation

When talking about ducted air conditioners, we are talking about one of the systems most used today in new construction homes. This does not mean that they cannot be installed in older homes, but surely you need a pre-installation. This system has many advantages, but it is necessary before deciding on this type of ducted cooling system, to know a little about it, the price of the equipment and installation, advantages and other interesting aspects that should be taken into account. In the following article, we give you detailed information about it.

Advantages of ducted air conditioning

Did you know that it is an air conditioning system designed mainly for new constructions, although in old houses there is also the possibility of carrying out the works (installation of false ceiling, ducts, grilles, etc.)?

Within the residential refrigeration sector, the variety is great and we can find systems that in terms of quality-price can be optimal for our home. In addition, this type of system, compared to other air conditioning equipment: Split or Multi-split system, has great advantages. Of all of them, three stand out that make the difference:

  • The energy-saving is quite a lot, not only in the short term but also in the long term and this will be reflected in our bills. The initial investment is a higher cost than the others, however it consumes much less energy than any of the other air conditioning systems.
  • It is an air system designed for many years and increases the value of a house or establishment due to the works previously carried out in the same pre-installation.
  • It gives more value to the home since it is not aesthetically visible and no “equipment” unit will be seen anywhere.

    Ducted air conditioning system installation: cost and duration

    When we have already decided on a new ducted air conditioning Melbourne, one of the most important points that we must take into account is the installation. We are not only talking about putting the equipment into operation but about its correct installation. Its installation is relatively complex, especially if it is about already built houses. In addition, the price of the installation will vary greatly depending on the location in which we are located and also on the size of the home, if it is old or newly built and if it already has pre-installation.

    Installation is not included in the price of ducted air conditioning. And also, on some occasions, it is necessary to do pre-installation. For this, you must bear in mind that its price is usually around $6,000 to $10,000. But as we have already commented previously, it will depend on the locality and the amount of labour.

    Keys to consider before purchase or installation

1. The number of hours it takes to install this system depends on the pre-installation. If there is already a pre-installation of this system, it can be put into operation after 5 to 7 hours.

2. Before installing the system, we must take into account the maintenance indicated for the pre- installation, by which we mean that we will need to check the ducts and do the necessary cleaning.

3. It is preferable that the installation of this type of system be carried out in newly built homes.

4. In older homes, the installation of the system is not a problem, but we must not forget that we will have to carry out the pertinent works.

5. The installation of the system must be in houses, rooms or establishments with high ceilings since the installation of the false ceiling is necessary.

6. This type of installation is more expensive, however, in the long run, it can be cheaper since the energy savings will be greater.

7. The false ceiling and the gratings must be of a good quality since in this way we will avoid having to do more maintenance.

8. The installation must be carried out by a person with a lot of experience or, simply, by a person specialised in the installation of ducted air conditioning.

We always advise that the installation be carried out by a technician in the assembly of ducted air conditioners and that a previous estimate be requested before carrying out the same. In this way, we will be able to know with more certainty the amount that we will have to have to install one of the best air conditioning systems.

Earthworks Hamilton Provides the Best Equipment

For the people who prefer a more traditional type of building, Earthworks Hamilton can be the right provider for you. With many years of experience and a large inventory of earthworks machinery, they will provide you with the materials and the professional services you need to make your project a success.

Earthworks Hamilton provides a wide range of products to meet any needs. Whether you are looking for garden tools, or a garden pump to keep your garden or lawn watered, you will find what you are looking for at their store. They have a wide selection of tools including earthworks diggers, earthworks hand excavators, garden equipment, and garden spade and shovels. They even have an amazing selection of equipment for digging foundations for your new home or excavating land for a new home.


Earthworks Hamilton excavators are designed with both traditional and modern designs, as well as being highly adaptable to various types of environments. Their excavators are also equipped with a heavy-duty, state of the art hydraulic system to ensure the best results. This equipment can lift over three hundred tons, and provide you with the best level of security and reliability.

Earthworks Hamilton also manufactures their line of earthworks hand excavators. They offer a large selection of hand excavators to meet every need and budget. The range of hand excavators include backhoes, spade and shovels, and a variety of other heavy equipment.

Earthworks Hamilton also manufactures the best quality, modern equipment that will suit your needs. Their equipment can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, as well as perform in difficult conditions. It is also easy to operate, so if you are a complete beginner to using excavators, then you can easily learn to operate the equipment from the comfort of your own home.

Earthworks Hamilton also can provide you with the best equipment, with both their hydraulic system and their state of the art diesel-powered excavators. Hydraulic excavators can reach depths of twenty feet and are designed to perform in wet and dry conditions, providing a safe and efficient way to carry out excavation work.

Earthworks Hamilton also provides a wide range of equipment for your pond or lake, including a large variety of equipment for your pond or lake. If you need the machinery to dig trenches, excavate land, and lay pipes, then you will find the right equipment from Earthworks Hamilton.

For the home and garden, they also offer a large variety of equipment. With a large selection of garden tools to cater to any of your gardening needs, including garden spades, shovels, garden forks, and hand excavators. Earthworks Hamilton also has a large selection of garden and landscape equipment to help you keep your garden or lawn free of weeds, dead grass, weeds and plants, and also to keep your home well maintained.

Earthworks Hamilton also provides many types of equipment to use at your local swimming pool. You will find a large range of pool accessories including floats, pool skimmers, pool cover, and more to keep your pool clean, and to help keep you safe and secure at all times.

If you are looking for some form of personal protection equipment, then Earthworks Hamilton is the company for you. They can supply you with the personal safety equipment you need for your home, office, and other areas.

You will be able to find a wide range of fire fighting equipment as well, including fire extinguishers and fire pump, which are used to put out small and large fires. These can be used to help put out small fires in the home, or office, or even a large and dangerous fire.

Earthworks Hamilton can supply you with the equipment you need to keep your home safe and secure. Whether you need the equipment for industrial use or personal use, the equipment you need is available from this leading equipment manufacturer.

Top Home Automation Ideas

An automated house is impressive, super comfortable and aesthetically clean at the same time. Automated homes are no longer something only wealthiest technology geeks can have. Ever since technology stated thriving, this concept became more conventional. It is super easy to get all the systems in your home automated for the sake of your comfort, luxury, and safety. It is not as costly as it is believed to be either. If you are planning on building your new house and want to install energy efficient ducted air conditioners, get most of the systems automated for an ideal dream house. 

From door locks to smoke detectors, from fancy doorbells to the automatic lighting systems, from heating and the cooling temperature of the house to the water systems, everything can be automatic and great. Do not forget the most important feature home automation can provide you. The security systems can be upgraded to the point of hundred percent safety assured so before you make up your mind about automating your house, here are some of the best useful smart automated systems you must have. 

  1. Smart Cameras & Locks

This is the best feature you can get around in your house. It ensures safety at all costs. Cameras around the house can not only capture pictures if someone tries to break in but you can also keep an eye around the house in case you are traveling. If you forgot locking the doors while you were rushing on your way to work, you can take care of that on your phone through the smart lock access as well. 

  1. Smart Smoke Detector

Avoid fire hazards by the smart smoke detectors. Whether you are in the house or somewhere far out, smoke detectors around can sense the danger and immediately notify you on your phone and you can easily hit the sprinklers that will get rid of the smoke around and avoid the fire from breaking out.  

  1. Smart Kitchen

The concept of the smart kitchen was to save time and be quick to get the chores done. This feature has become a life-saver for working women who also tend to look around the house. It is pretty easy to pre-heat the oven if you plan on baking a cake as soon as you get home or finding out what ingredients are in the fridge and what you will need to pick up on your way back. 

  1. Video Doorbell

Have no stress and anxiety wondering who is at the door. Video doorbells allow you to guess beforehand who is at the door to visit you. If you want to avoid any strange people, you can see when they are at your door as there is a camera attached to your doorbell which will not only capture pictures if you are suspicious but it will also record the video of all the activity that is happening outside.  

  1. Smart Lighting Systems

Do not waste any more time switching all the buttons on the switchboard to get the right light. Automated lighting systems are super mainstream now which means that switchboards are out of order. Smart lighting systems have sensors that detect your presence once you enter the house and they automatically light up the room you are in.  

  1. Smart Security Systems 

Avoid all thieves, robbers, and burglars by installing a smart security system in the house. The alarms will go off if someone tries to break in along with immediately notifying you on your phone or tablet for any or all unwanted activity going on. Not only this system will ensure your safety but also keep your valuables in the house safe from getting stolen.  

Look up to these incredibly safe and comfortable home automation ideas to have an assured and easy life.  

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Window Tinting is like one-time investment gives long-term returns, according to Home Window Tinting Sunshine Coast. Especially, when we talk about commercial window tinting, its benefits are endless. It’s a most important thing for the commercial space because windows are the only one thing that will first noticed by someone who comes at your business place the first time. So it should be perfect. It looks very bad when the glasses of the window looks dirty. As we all know that dirt on the glass is more visible compared to other thing and, it can leave a wrong impression toward the clients. As we said that, it has long-term benefits that will give you many reasons to adopt this concept at your business place. So, let’s check it out the other benefits of window tinting.


1. Helps to Maintain your Business Image

As we talk earlier, Windows are the first thing that will notice, when someone arrives at your place first time so it should be perfect and clean. But maintenance to clean windows can be costly and, it’s tedious to watch for window cleaning and, it’s also tedious to watch whether windows need to be clean or not and, you have to make window clean rapidly because glass catches dirt and streak quickly. Also, window cleaners tend to gouge their prices because of the high demand. Window tinting can make it easy for you. And it’s a one-time investment. It will reduce the cost of cleaning also. It will also look classy.

2. Lower Energy Cost

Window tinting will help to keep the electricity usage low. Especially, in the summer. Without tinting, the glass will allow harmful sun rays into the office so it will generate more heat inside the office so the owner should turn up their air conditioners. And as a result, electricity cost will increase. Window tinting will stop the harmful rays that come through windows and, it will cool down the temperature inside the office. So in that way, it will help to reduce electricity usage.

3. Reduce Harmful Glare

As we all know that having a lot of exposure to sunlight can be dangerous and, it can cause many dangerous diseases associated with the skin and health. Window tinting will stop the sunlight and gives protection to the employees. It’s an important thing for employees because they need to work throughout the day at one place.

4. Improves Productivity

Sunlight can be a main reason for distraction at the workplace for employs. It can decrease productivity. Window tinting will help to solve this issue. And it will improve productivity by reducing the direct sunlight.

5. Provides Security and Privacy

As we all know that, commercial buildings need more privacy and Security as compare to others. It’s one of the base requirements for them. A tinted window will help to achieve this easily.

Tinted windows will give privacy at a workplace from the outside world because tinted windows are not see-through and outsiders can’t see inside at daytime. It will also give security to the employees at the workplace. It also decreases the chances of distraction for the employees because outsiders can’t see inside the workplace.

6. Extended life of Furnishing

Direct sunlight and its heat can also damage the furniture which is inside the office and directly contacted with the sunlight. You have to spend thousands of dollars on furniture to maintain the beauty of interior place every year. Window tinting will give protection from direct sunlight to interior furniture. So it will reduce the cost of maintaining interior furniture every year.

7. Physical Appearance

Tinted windows will give a different and classy look to your business. It will put a positive impact on clients because it will look more professional. Not from outside but it will also give a comfortable and cooling effect inside the office. It can highly affect your business in positive ways. It will give a quick positive impact on your business when you apply this.

If you are looking for the thing that will give you long-lasting benefits from one investment for your business then, Window tinting is the best option because it will give endless long-lasting benefits to your business. Most important thing is that it has no any drawback. It’s a beneficial option for every business no matter it’s your new or old business.

“Save Energy” with efficient windows & doors

There are certain places in a home where heat or cool air leaks. This may be a fireplace or in the siding of the house, but often the doors and windows are the biggest culprits. Getting windows and doors that are energy efficient can first and foremost help to reduce utility bills. Of course, it will also make your home more comfortable-it will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Being energy efficient can even help to minimize the impact that we have on the environment. All of these reasons alone are enough to look into the possibility of doors and windows which are less thermally conductive. Regardless of the climate you may live in there are windows and doors which can give you energy cost savings over a long-term period of time. Their performance is the determining factor in how well they can keep heat from escaping. Not all energy efficient doors and windows are created equally.

There are special ratings that have been administered by Energy Star and the National Fenestration Rating Council. These performance ratings will let you know how efficient a window or door is at retaining energy. Look for terms like Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and U-factor. These terms measure and indicate how effective a product is when it comes to blocking and insulating heat. Once you understand this much you can start on your quest to find the right energy efficient windows and doors.

The U-factor is in reference to how well a window is capable of retaining heat in a building. It measures total heat flow leaving your home through a door or window outside. The lower the number, the better the product and the more equipped it is at keeping heat in. For anyone living in a colder climate this is a particularly important measurement. The Solar Heat Gain works the opposite of the U-factor. This measurement deals with how much heat comes into your home. This is probably more important to people in warmer climates, and the lower the number, the less heat that gets inside. VT, or visible transmittance, is one final measurement to understand. This deals with the visible light which is able to come through a window. Higher VT is better to get the most daylight. Low E coatings work great because they don’t reduce the light that comes in yet they reject the gain of solar heat.

How well a window or door can keep out the heat, or keep it in, hinges on a few key things including the materials, number of glass panes, the presence or absence of gas in the windows, and spacers. Wooden and aluminum windows or doors are not very energy efficient, though they can be strong or decorative. uPVC windows and doors work best when it comes to energy efficiency. Windows that are double or triple glazed will insulate better, because it provides a thicker barrier between the warm air inside and cold air outside-or vice versa. Getting argon, krypton, or some other gas filled between the panes will also keep windows more insulated than ordinary air. Spacers are made to keep the panes in a window correctly distanced from each other which is another important factor.